For the past six years I have been helping brands find who they are and what they want to achieve. With this data, I create the best visual solution to achieve those goals.
Naming, Logo & Identity, Stationery Suite, Editorial Layout
Peaceful disruption is a great way to describe my end goal for the visual identity that I created for Morrison Architecture.
Motion Wealth
Branding, Logo and Identity Development
Motion Wealth, a financial firm based in Arkansas, contacted me to create a logo and full brand identity experience. Their main goal is to help those in need of retirement planning, saving, advice, etc.
Naming, Logo and Identity Development, Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Mission and Values Defining
Zero is a digital capital privacy and storage company that handles client’s needs by setting up a decentralized cloud platform to safely and securely store a businesses most important information.
Brand Strategy, Logo Design
CRTSIDE is an app that allows for anyone, but mostly young basketball stars, to put their skills and work ethic on display for the world to see.
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