Who am I?
My name is Patrick Tuell and I am a freelance graphic designer who specializes in brand identity design, but in general, I am a creative who does a lot more than make nice looking logos. Most of my design experience comes from working with a design agency, another project facilitator, or from being contacted by a client directly. I offer services such as:
During our discovery call I try to get to the bottom of how I can help you best by asking questions and digging deep to find the solution.
Logo Design
Although I rarely offer a logo without an accompanying identity system, after our discovery call and brand strategy session, I use what I learned to pick a direction that best fits your brand. The logo I design never symbolizes what your business does, but it reflects your customer in order for them to relate to your brand on a personal level.
Print Design
My print design services include, but are not limited too, designing pieces of brand collateral such as business cards, posters, brochures, and letter heads.
Digital Design
Similar to the print design services I offer, the digital designs I create help elevate your brand and are based on the direction we pick that we both think is best for your brand's visual identity. This may include collateral such as email design, email newsletters, and various  social media posts.

If you are starting a project, or would just like to chat, contact me to schedule a call.
What I Stand For
Just like my designs, my philosophy is simple. I have the ability to help companies change lives, so I do so. However, my designs differ from my philosophy in one key way. I may create something to help better communicate the value a product/service brings, but the purpose of creating is the value itself.
Personal Projects
Below are some experiments I have been working on to improve my skills in animation, 3D, typography, etc.
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