Who am I?
My name is Patrick Tuell and I am a freelance graphic designer who specializes in brand identity design, but in general, I am a creative who does a lot more than make nice looking logos. Most of my design experience comes from working with design agencies, project facilitators, or from being contacted by a client directly.
My Process
I take pride in the creation of a methodical and strategical process that has been refined to be efficient and effective. The equation like nature of my process allows for the answers to my questions, which are personal and tailored to the situation at hand, to aggregate and combine for a solution that is elevated and distinct enough to be separated from one's competitors, but familiar enough for one's customers to relate to.
1. Discovery & Research
2. Brain Storming & Sketching 
3. Create & Internal Revision
4. Feedback & External Revision
5. Deliver
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