A Little About Me
Hello, I'm Patrick Tuell, a freelance graphic designer with a passion for crafting impactful brand identities. For the past eight years, I have specialized in brand identity design, channeling my creativity to create more than just visually appealing logos. My design expertise has been honed through collaborations with design agencies, working as part of a team, collaborating with project facilitators, as well as direct engagements with clients. I pride myself on being a reserved and thoughtful individual who values active listening over excessive talking. With my keen ability to observe and understand the unique needs of my clients, I strive to create designs that truly resonate and leave a lasting impact.

My Services
This area of design has been my expertise and passion for a significant duration. I find the ability to seamlessly blend visually appealing elements with practical functionality to support brands, products, services, and more, truly captivating. Witnessing how this synergy can empower businesses and even make a profound impact on people's lives has been the driving force behind my journey in design. As part of my brand identity development service, I offer a comprehensive range of creative solutions, including but not limited to logo design, stationery, packaging, social media assets, brand guidelines, advertisements, signage, editorial design, photo enhancement, typography, typeface creation, website design, and motion graphics. Regardless of your brand's requirements, I am dedicated to making your vision a reality.

A significant factor contributing to my growth as a designer has been my ability to evolve as a problem solver. While it's worth noting that not every aspect categorized under "brand strategy" is mandatory for project completion or success, I firmly believe that each element plays a crucial role in achieving exceptional results. As part of my comprehensive approach, I go beyond traditional questionnaires, employing advanced techniques to uncover your mission statement, values, goals, and more—the very essence of your brand. Understanding your identity, your target audience, your motivations, and other key factors is paramount to my work. This service ensures that my designs operate at a higher level of effectiveness, making it an essential component unless you possess a deep understanding of strategic brand thinking. By integrating strategic brand elements into my process, I offer a level of expertise and professionalism that elevates the impact of my design work, setting it apart from the competition.

With some experience in naming and copywriting, I have had the opportunity to contribute to naming several businesses I have been involved in. Drawing inspiration from my favorite technique of using phonics and linguistics to evoke specific styles and emotions, I strive to create business names that resonate deeply with their intended audience. Rather than focusing on lengthy paragraphs of copy, I have chosen to specialize in the art of concise and impactful slogans and short phrases. My ultimate goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by casting a wide and thorough net to discover the perfect name that captures the essence of their brand. Through continuous learning and a dedication to providing expansive and meaningful naming solutions, I am committed to delivering names that leave a lasting impression.
Elevate Your Business with Refined Design Expertise
Experience the remarkable impact of my finely-honed design sensibility, capable of effortlessly creating and discerning exceptional design from afar. With your goals in mind, I am committed to delivering designs that surpass expectations. Your success is my priority. To explore how I can help enhance your business's aesthetics and performance, I invite you to message me and book a complimentary 15-30 minute brief consultation. Simply click the button below and fill out the contact form presented. Let's embark on a transformative design journey together.
I have developed a methodical and strategic process that is both efficient and effective. It revolves around personalized and tailored questions, whose answers come together to form an elevated and distinct solution. This solution sets you apart from competitors while maintaining a relatability that resonates with your target audience. While I adapt techniques to suit different project types, the following summary captures the essence of my creative approach.
1. Discovery
I love a good start to a project. This is why I implement this key step, that of which includes many mini steps. Every bit of my process has a purpose, and this step is no exception. By discovering who you truly are, your goals in life whether business related or elsewhere, how you want to help others, etc., I can then take that very personal data and research your industry and customers to form a very high quality piece of design.

I like to start with a conversation to get to know you.
As I continue to mature and navigate through life, my appreciation for genuine connections and meaningful conversations has grown exponentially. I firmly believe that every individual is unique, and I am genuinely intrigued by the opportunity to engage with you on a deeper level. By utilizing the valuable information gathered earlier, I can delve into tailored and thought-provoking questions that unveil your true needs, desires, and aspirations. This initial phase of getting to know you is not only a personal growth opportunity for me but also a chance to transcend the role of a mere designer. It is during these conversations that some of the most innovative and transformative solutions emerge, as I strive to address the core challenges you face. Let's embark on this collaborative journey where design and genuine understanding intertwine to create exceptional outcomes.

A stylescape serves as a captivating canvas that encompasses a wide range of thoughts, concepts, and ideas, both tangible and abstract. It becomes a vital tool in our journey towards understanding your desired position in the market and how you aspire to resonate with your audience amidst competition. These carefully curated elements also provide crucial insights into the visual aspects that will shape your brand's identity in the future. While this step can be considered optional if you have conducted extensive, high-quality market research, I offer pre-made stylescapes that inject a sense of excitement into the process, breaking away from the monotony of simply answering questions. They serve as a stimulating exercise, allowing us to explore various creative avenues and further refine our understanding of your brand's unique essence.
This collaborative process is invaluable as it ensures that we are firmly aligned and on the same page as we move forward. By engaging in these exploratory conversations and investing dedicated effort into each stage, we lay a strong foundation for our partnership. I devote significant time and attention to meticulously curate and craft each step of this process. The meticulousness of my work reflects my unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results and creating a seamless journey that brings your vision to life. Together, we will embark on this transformative path, forging a deep understanding and setting the stage for a successful collaboration.

2. Creating
In logo projects, I begin by diving into brainstorming sessions where I explore synonymic words and ideas that could potentially be represented in the logo. I keep the process simple and straightforward, utilizing techniques such as word lists and word maps. While sketching is a preferred method during projects, it's important to note that each project is unique, and there may be instances where sketching is not extensively utilized. If you'd like me to clarify whether sketching will be a part of your project, I'm more than happy to provide further details. When I do sketch, I draw inspiration from the information gathered in the filled-out documents and my brainstorming sessions, allowing ideas to take shape visually.

When working on visual identity projects, I follow a similar approach of initial brainstorming sessions. These sessions help me uncover key elements and concepts that will shape the visual identity. Sketching plays a crucial role in this stage as well, as it allows me to explore different visual possibilities and iterate upon initial ideas. Once I have refined and selected the most promising concepts, I transition to Adobe Illustrator to breathe life into the designs. This seamless integration between brainstorming, sketching, and digital execution ensures an efficient and effective process.
When working on visual identity projects, I strive to establish a clear-cut and palpable theme that serves as a through line, supporting the entire brand identity. This theme acts as a cohesive element that ties together various design elements, such as colors, typography, and imagery. By crafting a distinctive and consistent theme, I ensure that the visual identity resonates with the target audience and leaves a lasting impression.

In web projects, my process encompasses the seamless integration of the discovery phase findings and the established visual identity system. Building upon the insights gained, I begin by creating wireframes that serve as the structural blueprint for the website. These wireframes take into account the user experience, information architecture, and the overall visual hierarchy.
Once the wireframes are in place, I shift my focus to crafting compelling copy that aligns with the brand's tone and messaging. The copywriting process involves careful consideration of the target audience, their needs, and the desired goals of the website. By crafting persuasive and engaging copy, I ensure that the website communicates effectively and resonates with the intended audience.
With the copy finalized, I proceed to implement it along with the relevant content onto the website. This includes integrating visuals, multimedia elements, and interactive features to enhance the user experience. Throughout this stage, I prioritize collaboration and open communication with the client, seeking their valuable feedback and input to ensure their vision is brought to life.
By incorporating wireframing, thoughtful copywriting, and iterative client feedback, I create web designs that not only captivate visually but also function intuitively, resulting in a seamless and engaging user experience.

3. Feedback and Revisions
I like to create a small presentation for my designs to ensure that my thoughts and ideas are properly conveyed. Instead of sending the presentation over through email, I prefer to present it to you personally as I believe it shows respect for both you and the work we have collaborated on. This approach allows for a more engaging and interactive discussion, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding of how your brand should function in the future."
During the review process, your feedback is invaluable in shaping the final outcome of the project. I encourage you to provide clear and specific feedback, highlighting what aspects you find effective and what areas may require further refinement. By sharing your thoughts, preferences, and any concerns you may have, we can work together to ensure the design aligns with your vision and goals.
As a result of your feedback, revisions will be made to fine-tune the design and address any necessary changes. These revisions can include adjustments to layout, typography, color palette, imagery, or any other elements that may require refinement. My goal is to collaborate closely with you, iterating on the design until we achieve a final product that surpasses your expectations.
By embracing open communication and constructive feedback, we can achieve a website design that not only represents your brand effectively but also delivers an exceptional user experience to your target audience.

4. Deliverables
Once our design process is complete, including any necessary revisions, I ensure that all the files and assets are carefully organized and packaged for your convenience. The final deliverables will be securely stored in a Dropbox folder, which will be shared with you, providing easy access to all the necessary files at any time.
During this phase, it is important for both of us to thoroughly review the deliverables to ensure that everything meets your expectations and requirements. I encourage you to carefully examine the files and notify me of any concerns or questions you may have. This is an opportunity for us to address any final adjustments or refinements that may be needed to achieve the desired outcome.
Additionally, if your organization utilizes specific internal storage systems or file transfer software, please let me know, and I will gladly accommodate those requirements. It is crucial that the delivery of the final files aligns seamlessly with your established workflows and preferences.
My commitment to you does not end with the delivery of the files. I am here to support you during the transition and implementation phase, providing any necessary guidance or assistance you may require. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance, and I will continue to work closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful handover of the project.
Together, we can ensure that the final deliverables are not only visually appealing but also technically sound and ready to be implemented effectively in your desired platforms or mediums.
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